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Humans Are Fragile

Yes, they are.  I found this out The Hard Waytm. At indoor soccer on Tuesday night, I was accidently tripped up and went down hard on my knees.  I needed help up as my right knee couldn't take my weight, but wasn't sore, it felt kind of stunned or numb.  After getting up, I took the free kick (I am right footed too).  This probably wasn't a good idea as after that, it started to feel like something was wrong when I bent it.  After about 60 seconds it was starting to be really odd, so I took myself off the court.  I took a look at it and it was starting to swell pretty fast which is a pretty good indication that it's in pretty bad shape.

I wasn't really disappointed about hurting myself.  What really pissed me off was that we were winning the semi final we were playing, I'd scored just before the injury, putting us up 3-2.  After going off, we were a man down and then let them score three more goals, going down 5-3 in the end.  I know it couldn't have been helped and it wasn't my fault, still, I feel bad that my injury cost us the game.  The two weeks off, however, give my knee time to get better again before the next season starts.

After the game, I got a lift up to the Hospital and had it looked at.  I was told to keep ice on it and to come back in the morning for an X-Ray (as it was after hours).  They also gave me some pain releif for it.  Sleeping that night was difficult as my natural sleeping position is lie to one side and have my knee brought up.  The X-Ray showed no break or fracture, but it couldn't show any muscle or cartilage damage, which there probably was.  The doctor told me that it was just bruised and that in about two weeks I can start attempting to run again.

Another annoying thing was that during the day on Tuesday, I'd been accepted into the Student Personal Trainer program, where the Phys Ed students do a PT assessment and volunteers from the University help out.  I'd put my name down to benefit from the PT training to help my weight loss.  Although after speaking with the coordinator, I don't think it'll be much of a problem, we'll just look at other activities while my knee heals.
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