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Apple + Idiot = priceless
captn obvious
Only an Apple user would do this... :P

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Your slur is as false as your post title is correct.

I'd be more inclined to chalk it up to 'dumbass with too much money', rather than the tech he intends to use.

I detect that you took offense to my post, for that I'm sorry.

I have a good friend here at CSU who is a Apple user, and I like teasing him about it. I have no real malice towards Apple or apple users.

How about I edit my post to something else I've thought of?

Nah, I know you well enough to understand you would never be as stupid to lump all Apple users in the idiot box. :) I understand the jibe was in good humour. :) I took no offence.

Screw apple users, their morons.

Yes, and you are included! You know who you are.

I give apple but 1 thing, their servers look really neat in a rack - absolutely useless, but look awesome.

I wonder what an Apple rack cage looks like? hmmm.

This comment was brought to you by a hatred of iTunes, Quicktime and a single Mouse button.

Actually to be quite honest, an Mac would serve me extremely well right now, at work.

The work I am currently doing for Sakai at CSU requires use of Java, Subversion, and detailed manipulation of repository files (numbering in the thousands). Windows batch scripting just doesn't cut it with this kind of web development.

However, the first thing I would do if I got a Mac, would be to piss off the mouse and get a Logitech.

Ubuntu or various other flavours of Linux would do the same thing, faster, better and without that curved goddamned windows.

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