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Bok choy
My weekend was a quiet one, considering the weather was rather dull.

I spent Saturday bumming around, doing some housework with Sal, then spent all afternoon playing Freelancer with my brother.  Getting back into this game, which is a lot of fun.  We also had a go at lighting the little old pot belly stove in the back room (where my study is), which did a hell of a lot more heating the room than the heater I have.  I'll be doing that this weekend when Mick and Neil are here.

Sunday Sal and I spent mostly in town doing Baby item shopping.  The new Target had opened up in Bathurst this week, so we were in there picking up all the things we had left to get.  Note to self, babies are expensive. :P  Played some more Freelancer when I got home, then had dinner at the in-laws.

All in all, pretty quiet.

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First babies are expensive. After that it's hand-me-downs.

Guess why we didn't go first :-P

I'm going to have to try that out. I tried it once when it first came out but it was really unstable.

Woo! Heated room FTW! Also I like freelancer, probably a little too much. I started and finished that game so many times. Heck when I went to Mickachu's that one time thats all we played for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT. I mean it! We woke up, ate, played freelancer, had lunch, played freelancer, had dinner, played freelancer, went to sleep. This was a multi-player session with Mick, his two brothers, and myself. Ah good times.

They never did release a sequel. :(

who the hell eats whilst playing Freelancer?

You could be making cash1!#!

I've never played freelancer *ducks objects being thrown*

so I would eat while playing freelancer

You have led a sheltered life. :P

I shall show you on Saturday and then together, we shall rule the galaxy...


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