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Now It's Getting Serious

We started our 'Parenting' course last night up at the Hospital.  We were among 5 other couples in this month's course (4 weeks of 1 evening per week) and Sal was the... how do you say it...  least far along, at 25 weeks, the most being 33.  It kind of felt like we were 'wannabes' to me, how everyone else was much closer to their actual due date. 

The first night was all about the overview of labour and the birth, going through the stages of labour etc.  Taking in all the information last night, it's all starting to dawn on me the seriousness and just the sheer weight of what's involved, while I still can't picture Sally going through it.  I just hope I can keep my head up through it all.

Next week is the Physio session, where they instruct us on physiotherapy tips for before and during labour, should be interesting. Although Sal never likes me giving her massages. :( 
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