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Where's This Bandwagon Headed?

I bought God of War for the PS2 after spending Friday afternoon watching casseross own at it.  I'd not owned any PS2 game like this before, so it's new to me (I only owned Guitar Hero 2 and various racing games).  Actually, I lie, I have Lego Star Wars, while cool, it doesn't really compare.

I played through it on Saturday afternoon getting used to the controls and the actions and had a lot of fun - I had the benefit of knowing where to go, after having watched DJ.

As I mentioned, Friday (a day off work) was spent reformatting my PC and downloading patches for Windows (Thanks DJ).  My PC was starting to get a bit flakey and slow, so I decided to nuke it and start again.  Afterall, it had been 2.5 years since I'd done it.  These days, however, I'm not using it very much, mostly from not being connected to any form of internet at the moment.  If I use our dialup, I use our Laptop in the loungeroom.  The only times I actually use my PC is at The LAN (go sign up Andrew!). 

Another reason for not using it is that my nose is buried in the HP7 book.  I've been reading it as much as I used to play WoW, staying up till 1am or later.  I'm almost done, I've reached a very exciting part in the last quarter of the book.  So far it's been a fantastic book, I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  I've also thought a few times that to make it into a movie like the 5 (soon to be 6) before it is going to be huge - kind of like Lord-of-the-Rings-scale huge.

Sunday, I spent up at the Bathurst Light Car Club Hill Climb marshalling.  Once again, I'm a crash magnet.  The only crash of the day occurring right on my point.  It wasn't bad; a Holden Commodore HSV GTS spinning up the dipper and kissing the wall.  Still, a few thousand dollars worth of damage though.  The winner was a Nissan Sylvia that was very quick up through the essses.  It was always watching the class 1 cars (normal registerable road cars), especially this '91 Mitsubishi Lancer that had too soft suspension for the esses/dipper, and each run we thought he'd slide straight into the wall, but didn't.
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