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Count Down
captn obvious

24 weeks gone.

16 weeks to go.

112 days to go.

2688 hours to go.

161 280 minutes to go.

Give or take. :)


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Unless Sal is going to have an elective c I would probably be giving it a week or two either side. Babies are in control, from before birth!

I have had partners of patients ask me to give them a "definite due date" as they have to book their leave, I just laugh :)

At least you are on the downhill run now.

Yeah, I am fully aware that they can be even 3 weeks early or as much as 2 weeks late. Sal's pretty adament that she doesn't want to go past the due date, but as you said, she's not really in control. :P

It doesn't feel like the downhill run. :P

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