Chris (bovinator) wrote,

The last 7 days have probably been some of the most tiring, hectic and really interesting weeks of my life.

Wednesday last week, Sally came down with a gastro-bug, which made her throw up quite a lot. She also had been suffering chronic headaches for about two weeks. She was wearing the ol' porcelain necklace for about 12 hours. By lunch time Thursday, we made the decision to see the doctor, just as a precaution, as Sall was 13 weeks pregnant by now.

The doctor was really good with Sal (some are just insensative), gave her a Maxalon injection and sent us up to the hospital for a fluid drip. We ended up staying there till 10.30 that night. After two litres of fluid the doctor in the casualty ward sent us home, but to return if Sal was sick again. We only got 200m down the road in the car before Sally was sick again, so we turned around and went back. They decided to admit her over night and put her on more fluid, which then turned into another night. It turns out Sal was very dehydrated, hence the chronic headaches. They ended up putting 5 Litres of fluid into her. We were actually supposed to have our 12 week ultrasound on Thursday but we had to cancel it.  Sal is now 14 weeks and doing well.

Saturday was the first event for my new LAN that I help run. We called it 'The LAN'. The day went very smoothly, without any hardware problems or any other problems, with about 23 people turning up. It was also the first event I'd done using 3 Phase power, which we used a special distributer box to enable normal 240v power to use. We only ended up using 2 circuits on the 'dizzy' board. Organising power for a LAN was never so easy!

We finally got an appointment for an ultrasound yesterday and it was very exciting. We got to take a look at our baby for the first time (at 7 weeks it was just a little dot). We could see the whole baby, and we could watch it move around and stretch out. I've scanned some of the pictures they took.

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