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It's been a while...

I know it's been a while.  I haven't really had much to say. 

The things that are happening for me right now are:

* My new LAN is starting up this weekend.
* Sal has her 12 week ultrasound this week.
* We're looking at renting a house out of town.

That last one is a big one.  For a while we've been uncomfortable here at Darwin Drive.  Me, personally, am not so fussed.  Sally, on the other hand needs a change.  She's uncomfortable here, probably from going to Canberra and coming straight back to the same old house, dislikes the fact that Darwin Drive is now a through road (it's quite busy now), and other small things.  Additionally, we really need to find a place that's cheaper to rent as we're kinda living beyond our means atm.  We have found this great little house just out of town (about 5kms), at Evans Plains - not far from Sally's parents incidently.  It's cheap to rent and is pretty nice too.  While it's on 1600 acres, we wouldn't need to look after anything but the house.  There's a newer house which is also rented out to a farming couple who maintain the land.  We've payed a holding fee on it and are just awaiting the process of our application. 

It'll definitely be a lifestyle change for me, as I've never lived on a property long term before.  It's got wood fireplaces, so it looks like I'll be doing wood chopping and the like.  It's quite homely.  The only downside is there's little chance of broadband there, so it'll be back to dialup initially if we get it.  I'll be pushing telstra pretty hard though to get it at some stage.

Shit, 2am, better get to bed. :)
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