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Why do I do this to myself?

I play too many online games.  I'm not talking about WoW here, but online browser-based games.  I'm probably no where near the hardened web-browser veteran, but still I am signed up to a lot.  My lists consists of;

  • Hattrick (football manager game)
  • Battrick (yes it's like Hattrick, but cricket!)
  • Planetarium Manager (another football manager)
  • Footstar (football game, but you're the player)
  • Tribal Wars (cool game like Age of Empires or Utopia)
  • Batracer (Motor racing simulation)

Then add on my WoW time ontop.  I forget about PM most of the time, but Footstar is very sociable.  Hattrick I'm losing faith in (after 4 years) and Tribal Wars is starting to wane on me after only about 2 months. I should probably just quit them, but some have a team approach which I can't just abandon at the drop of a hat and Hattrick I'm a moderator (volunteer staff member) and have invested so much time into it to just leave.

Sal's 9 and a half weeks along now and she's finding it tough going.  She even said she wished not to be pregnant anymore she so was tired of feeling sick so much.  I hope it does ease up in a couple of weeks, it's eating away at her a bit.  She's spending a lot of time asleep, so much that I almost think I'm single.  Even Lucy (our youngest cat) has started coming to me in the study for cuddles in the evenings.  Another two weeks and we'll have another ultrasound to make sure it's all going well.  We don't want another 'boot failure'. ;)

Sal ended up resigning last week, as the director wouldn't budge on the compromise or help Sally out in anyway.  It's good to have Sal not so grumpy any more.

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