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And the winner is...

Rant starts... now.

ABC Child Care can go get fucked.

No, it really can and yes, I swore. Those that know me, know that when I do, I'm pretty fired up.

Sally has been given the 'we don't care about you' speel once again. As you know, she's 8 weeks pregnant, and as you can imagine, what comes with the territory isn't pleasant. She's feeling pretty yuck most of the day, in fact the only time she isn't feeling yuck is in the middle of the night when she can't sleep, thus making her tired during the day and more yuck.


Anyway, Sal went to the Doctor to see what can be done to ease the symptoms - we're under no illusions, of course there isn't a cure for morning sickness - so that working is much more bareable for her - child care isn't condusive to people who feel crap from just standing up. She was told to take 3 days off last week and to take a request from the doctor to the management of the centre where she works for a slightly longer break and requesting a possible compromise in her work schedule as working to 6.30pm also isn't very helpful given the current situation.

Sal was told today that no, she couldn't have a longer break and no they wouldn't even consider working out something to ease the work schedule. Ok, fine, however, she was then told that all she was doing was being a slack worker and that she should think if she should really want to work there.

Say what?!?!?!?!?!

Those that know her well, know that Sally puts 150% into her job. She spends countless dollars and hours on programs and things to do during class, last month she was going to work SICK and you are calling her slack?

Get over your fucking self and cut the poor woman a break. This is the third time ABC have given Sally a raw deal, Sally's at the end of her tether and rightly so.

This absolutely floored me when I found out. Absolutely apalling.

*picks spleen up* /rant.
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