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... to bring you this important announcement.

Sally's pregnant!

I say again, Sally's pregnant.  And we didn't need IVF.

We had been trying for the best part of 5 years since we've been married to have a child.  Once, we got close, only to miscarry at 12 weeks.  All other attempts have failed miserably.  Over the last 5 or so months, Sally has been using this little gadget called a 'Maybe Baby'.  It's not really a gadget, it's a mini microscope that helps a woman track her ovulation cycle by studying patterns in their saliva. 

While Sal used it, we never saw anything better than picture two (refer to this page), which we put down to ovulating 'Sally's Way'.  We kept trying to fall pregnant using this to time it, but we were still unsuccessful.  We decided to bite the bullet and try IVF.  We went and had an interview/meeting with an Endocrinologist at the Sydney IVF Clinic.  While asking about our medical history, Sal explained different symptoms of things in the past, and the doctor suggested that they sounded like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  After a bit more research, which was confirmed by the doctor, we're pretty certain Sally has a mild form of it.  It's not really serious, but it's very closely related to Diabetes in it's treatment, as they are both related to hormones and insulin.  Sal decided to change her diet to that of someone with diabetes, mainly a low GI (Glycemic Index) diet.  A week later, which was close to Sally's ovulation time (which we'd tracked up to this time), Sal notice a big change in the patterns viewed in her MaybeBaby.  We were now seeing huge fern patterns (like in Image three on this page). 

Two weeks later, Sal tried a pregnancy test and they came up positive.  I was just amazed how much the diet changed our chances so dramatically.

On Monday just gone, we had our first ultrasound.  I couldn't scan them on our scanner because the glass isn't big enough, so I'll try at work.  The little baby is just 5mm long but it's heart is beating at 126 bpm.  This put it at 6 weeks old at the time, with a due date of November 18. So amazing. :)

So, that's my news. :)
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