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Reviewers should be shot

I should really stop reading reviews of movies/books.  I just watched Eragon and to be very honest with you, I enjoyed it.  I've always been a sucker for fantasy kind of stuff and this was pretty good for my tastes.

The end of the movie hinted to a sequel, so I went searching for information on it.  I discovered that Eragon was the first book in a planned trilogy called Inheritance, and was written by a 17 year old.  In turn, I searched for info on the actual books, however, what I also found was that many of the reviews of the book and it's sequel, Eldest, were very poor. 

A lot of it sounds like sour grapes because a kid got a book (or two) published and has a movie to his name and they didn't, but they make some points. Basically the main gist of the poor reviews were that the author 'steals' the concepts from many different fantasy authors and uses them in his own books with very little originality.

Ok, so I might not be a fantasy guru or whatever, but none of that occurred to me at all while watching the movie.  Sure, watching the movie is one thing, reading the book is another, but I'm highly cautious about reading the book now from reading all the reviews.  There is also doubt that the sequel movie will be made (ala Alien vs Predator).  I should just borrow it from the library and make my own mind up. 

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