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I hate utopia at the moment... I know it's a game, but nothing is going right for my province. Oh well, maybe it is time for a break.

We had my brother and his fiance over for dinner last night. It was a good time to catch up with all the family goss and whatnot. I really enjoy spending time with my brothers, Matt I see fairly regularly as he is in my Indoor Cricket team, and helps out with the LAN. Stephen I don't get to see a lot, and Andrew even less. It was Stephen that came over, he's a mechanic at Bathurst Holden, the dinner was a sort of thank you to him for helping out with fixing our old car and looking for the new one. If it wasn't for him, we would have bought a lemon! So thanks man! :)

Andrew's a funny character. You can't predict him at all, you never could. I miss him. :)

Ack! I haven't done my tax yet... better do that...

/me runs off.

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You soooo can predict andrew...

I can predict his reactions and actions.... etc

and vice versa.. he knows it..

we can spar against each other and know exactly when to block etc

Yeah, but you are getting to be just like him!

even I can predict Andrew fairly accurately :)

Are we talking about the right Andrew here?

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