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Had a lot of fun last night, out at DJ's place.  DJ invited me out for a poker game and a BBQ yesterday which was a top night.  I went out at around 3pm, and took my Guitar Hero guitar controller out with DJ's (I was borrowing his for New Years), and with the rest of the group mucked around with GH for a bit.  We had 9 people for poker, so we split it up into 2 tables with the intention of making one final table when there were four left.  I made it through and ended up winning on a fluke hand when we all went all in because it was late.  Cheers DJ, for a top night.

I've also stepped into the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade beta testing program.  Basically they let you play for free 'testing' out the game.  DJ set it up and transferred my 60's over and I've had a peek around.  If I go missing, you can blame him. :)
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