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New Car!

Hi people...

Sally and I got a new car today! We finally bit the bullet as they say and traded in our Subaru and got a new car. :) It's a 1994 Toyota Camry, which I am very happy with. :)

Work is going okay at the moment. I am trying to suss out a project at the moment. It's been given to me to design, but only 3 weeks to do it in. But because there needs to be some testing it's really got to be finished in 2 weeks. Which, for the system that it is and what it's for, just isn't possible. So I have to suss out how much would they be happy with by the deadline and the add to it after the deadline. It's a dodgy way of doing it, but the deadline coincides with the students coming back to Uni for the last term, so they can't really change that.

I'm trying to play one of the scenarios that came with Warcraft 3 at the moment. Even with 3 of us playing it, we can't finish it. We keep getting up to only one section :/ Oh well, we'll keep working at it. :P

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