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Wrapping up...

Yesterday was... as good as a funeral gets, I suppose.  The service itself was great, some great stories were told about Nanna.  Nanna actually wrote an autobiography so I might see if I can get my hands on a copy to have a read.
Personally, I was doing ok during the service, until my brother Andrew was asked to say a few words for my Dad.  Andrew struggled through the reading, which produced tears in my eyes.  It's like yawning, it's contageous.
Then at the end, when Nanna's casket was being wheeled down the isle, her last remaining sister, Rosaline touched the casket and said 'Goodbye Alice'.  Cue waterworks... :/  I felt embarressed, but no one seemed worried thankfully.

After the service, there was a morning tea where we could mingle and chat with the people who came along.  All of Dad's family were there, even Greg and Janet who rarely leave Grafton for anything.  We had lunch in Nanna's unit at the retirement village and started cleaning the unit up.  The rules at the village stated that we had 2 weeks to move everything out of the unit, which was a bit rough, it felt like a flock of vultures hanging around, picking at a dead animal. We sorted out the pot plants that Nanna had and gave them homes.  Dad and his brother Jim are the executors (?) of Nanna's estate, so they had to do all the legal stuff.

The trip home was fairly straight forward, we had a two car convoy going with my parents.

I got a call this morning saying that my application for the Business Analyst secondment was unsuccessful.  Part of my (more than a part to be quite truthful) is glad, because if I had been successful, it would have meant I would have to make a very hard decision on which position to choose (as I was successful in my application for the programmer position), I was told I couldn't have both in the end.  I've also been told by my manager that I'm getting a nice new beefy laptop next year. :)

Well, that's about it for now.  I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas.  Don't eat too much. :P
Talk to you all later.

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