Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Tomorrow will be interesting.

Tomorrow is Nanna's funeral.  I had successfully avoided funerals until now, and this is the first family member that has passed away since I've been old enough to avoid them.  I don't think the funeral will be the problem.  I think what will throw me the most is seeing tears in my fathers eyes.  If you know me and my family, you know that Dad isn't one to show his emotions.  I have only ever seen tears in his eyes once before and that was when his father was in hospital about 2 months before he died from prostate cancer.  That threw me back then and I'm sure it'll throw me again tomorrow.

It is sad to see her go, but why do people mourn someone who has had a long and fulfilling life?  We should be thanking the Lord that she had a great life, and remembering the good things about it.  I guess I'll have a clearer insight after the funeral tomorrow.

Anyways, I'm 150km away from the location of it, so I need to get some sleep before the early start in the morning.
Tags: family, me

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