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BF 1942 has the potential to be the best FPS ever!

Yes, that is a bold statement, but from what people said after CWM on Sunday, where Battlefield 1942 was the only game they played all day, I think it's a pretty safe bet. Apparently it was made by the same people that brought us Codename Eagle which was fairly popular (apart from it's notorious unstability), I guess they were testing the concept. When I say 'they', it was really one person who made the game. Once that this person discovered the popularity for Codename Eagle, DICE was born and they brought out a better game based on the same principle. A "First Person Shooter" that encapsulates all forms of warfare, ie Plane flying/bombing, Tanks, jeeps, APC's, ships (aircraft carriers, destroyers and submarines!). All I can say is... AWESOME! :)

I went to CWM on Friday night just for a few hours to help them set up and to have a bit of Multiplayer action in bf 1942. Thirteen people turned up for the night games, and we had a ball. I was running the server with no hiccups whatsoever. We didn't get to leave until 2am! I learnt some pointers for running the servers at Bucalan, ie put a time limit on it, as that last game went for 4 hours, and even then I had to end it. Bucalan is going to be mega popular, people who have gotten a taste for bf 1942 are going to want to play it in full in another large multiplayer scene, and Bucalan is next one on the calendar. I don't think we'll have any trouble filling the 60 spots this month. ;)

I knew the time would come, and it has arrived. Our car is on death row. Well, not really. I had it serviced on the weekend, only to discover that there were some pretty bad problems with it. I mean it still runs fine, but with it needing to be re-registered in 3 weeks, there are some things that need to be fixed before then that will stop it being "road worthy". Also, major = expensive, and quite frankly, it's money we don't have at the moment. So we've been thinking of selling it and getting a new car. We're gonna check out a couple this week and have a think about if it is what we want or whether we will just some how scrounge up the money we need to repair the car. Our current car has served us very well, it hasn't had anything majorly wrong with it ever before. So it's just getting to the "old-age" stage in its life now, when things will just start breaking down and needing repairing and/or replacing.

It was a pretty action packed weekend, I must say. Yesterday it was capped off with a BBQ at the "in-laws" and a bit of fire fighting thrown in! My father-in-law wanted to do some burning off of some old wood that's been piled up in the bottom paddock. It had been sitting there for a couple of years, and the fire-season (the time of the year when bush fires are REALLY common and ALL fires of any kind are banned) starts next week, so he wanted to burn it off so that it wasn't a risk, as it is REALLY dry here at the moment - 68% of New South Wales has been drought declared with some areas not getting rain for almost a year - so we set fire to it. :) I'll tell you what though, this fire got so hot, we couldn't even stand 15 meters away from it with out it hurting. We had to get the hose out to stop it creeping along the grass. It was a lot of fun - but I don't envy the people in the bush fire brigade, man bush fires would be heaps worse than what we had.

Meh, I have another day of meetings today, I was hoping to sign off on a project I am just about finished on. Oh well... Sally just came and told me we can go and have a look at this car that we've got our eye on. Should be good...

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