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Water them and they will grow.

Time I updated.  I was doing so well there for a bit too.

The last few weeks have seen Sal and I settle back into the house.  Unpacking boxes and rearranging things to fit everything in.  We've pretty much finished now and we can turn our attention to organising Christmas.  In negotiation with my brother Steve and his wife, we organised to take the mantle from my parents and take it upon ourselves to organise Christmas lunch every two years.

I have been looking at our gardens too, and more specifically at how to keep them watered during this hot summer we're about to be slapped with.  We have 5 Claret Ash's in a row in our front lawn and due to a combination of reduced water pressure (very long story) and buggered sprinkler system heads, all but one of them were very near death.  I've gone and put in a water system, consisting of a straight hose with shrub soakers at each tree in an attempt to water them effectively, and to be quite honest, better than before.  After half a week, the four trees are showing huge signs of improvement.  There could be hope for them yet!

I've taken up a bit of 'on-the-side' contract work with CIT while the project I started in finishes up.  However, the ability for me to get onto their network from home hasn't quite come through yet.  They've spent 2 weeks trying to get the VPN right, then I can't get on the database yet as all my access was taken away when I finished in Canberra.  It'll be nice pocket money and means we can get rid of some debts quicker.

I haven't been able to get to another APL poker night as yet, as I've either been too busy or too tired.  I have started up my golf weekends though.  Last weekend I played with Steve, and we finished about even (Steve and I even that is).  We only played up at the Uni, but it's a good start.  I'm playing with Dad this weekend and Steph the weekend after.  Maybe after that I might pluck up the courage to play at the golf club.

Anyway, I better run, I'm making dinner tonight, Moroccan Chicken.
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