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A flush beats a two-pair...

Last night, I went along to my first Australian Poker League Tournament.  They have free-entry tournaments all over the country and they have them five nights of the week here in Bathurst.  I had no idea what to expect, only information given to me from a work colleague, Steve Gibbs.

So, I went along to see how I'd go.  I didn't go too badly.  I definitely wasn't first out.  I won the very first hand on my table with a flush and that's as far as my luck got.  However, when I finally did go bust, I had made half way through the night - so, out of 101 starters, I'm pretty proud of that.  Here's a page showing the final places.  It lists me as 93rd, but that's because all people 17th and higher are listed in order of APL Member ID.

I'm quite excited about it now, I had a lot of fun playing and I'd like to go to more.  I think I'll go every Wednesday nights at the Leagues Club, and I'm tossing up about going to the 2nd tourney they have on Sunday nights as well.
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