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BBQ Day... weeeeeeeeeeee!

Well, finally the big thaw is on, and so the powers that be have got back into organising our work BBQ lunch again. :) These are a lot of fun, from the hilarious email that goes out each time to everyone to me driving the DIT van around the uni with an unsecure BBQ apparatus in the back. ;) It all makes for a fun day! And boy has the weather turned it on for us! Good ol' Tim Bailey screwed this one up - not a drop of rain for many a mile to see! It's an absolute gorgeous day, the kind where you sit and think, "damn I hate working in an office!".

We lost at Indoor Cricket last night... We probably should have won, but we all tried our best. We had more fun batting than bowling. We got out there and had a bit of a tonk and actually came close to the 143 run total we needed to get to win. I think I might change around the batting order too, put a good pair in first and get us off to a good start, moral is everything in these games, presently we put our "less-skilled" people in first, they don't get many runs so we are feeling down to start with. If we start with a good pair and get a great start, it means our not so great pairs will feel better when batting. :)

CWM starts tonight... the "other" lan in Bathurst. I can't go for the whole day tomorrow, but they start tonight. I am dying to play this Battlefield 1942 game with more than just 2 players. We'll go check it out for a few hours tonight and see how it goes.

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