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The race that stops a nation...
Well, the office at least. :)  We stopped to have a 'Melbourne Cup' morning tea today to watch the Cup.  We had an office sweep too.  I put in for two horses in a 50c sweep, thought my chances were better than one horse in the $1 sweep. :)  I ended up getting Pop Rocks with one of them, so for 50c, I picked up $4 which I was pretty happy with.

I'm currently working on an application that takes 20 minutes to compile, 10 minutes to deploy and 10 minutes to start Tomcat... :/

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Ahhh, tomcat... My laptop has 2GB of memory cause of that... What I hate the most is that you tend to find bugs while you are waiting for the compile or deploy, then you have to start all over again!

Good work on the horses, the sweeps here netted me a crappy horse that didn't get mentioned the entire race! But there was good times and free drinks involved, so it wasn't terrible

Luckily this app isn't ours, so I'm just installing and configuring. It's called Sakai.

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