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We join our hero on a dark and stormy afternoon.  Chris had just knocked off work and had to take some old cardboard boxes and other assorted rubbish from his garage to the local refuse before going home.  The refuse was on the same side of town as the University where Chris worked, so it wasn't very far out of his way.  As he walked to his car, he remembered that he also had to buy some cleaning products so that he could attempt to clean several spots in the carpet where his cats had done their business.  These cats were adorable, but Chris often found himself cursing them for their indescretions on the carpet and that he had to clean it up.

As Chris drove out through the southern part of town on his way to the refuse, he approached a flock of galah's who had landed on the medium strip eating some seeds that must have blown off a truck on its way to the refuse.  He noticed two birds on the road but didn't slow down as he was sure that they fly off by the time his car got to them, forgetting that galahs are the almost the dumbest birds alive.  To his surprise, they didn't fly off until his car was bearing right down on  them, and he heard a solid thud sound as the car made contact with one of the birds.  "Stupid things", Chris said under his breath as he looked out his rear vision mirror back towards the cloud of feathers and the dark mass lying on the road.  Chris felt a little sorry for the bird.  He never liked hitting animals, but he wasn't about to risk his car swerving near a raised medium strip, the road was narrow enough.

On his return from the refuse, Chris slowed down to check out the spot where he had hit the bird, later thinking back on the situation, he wasn't sure why.  He noticed that the bird was in fact alive and sitting up in the middle of the road.  A pang of horror and remorse shot through Chris as he realised and pulled the car over to the side of the road.  He jumped out with his mobile phone and ran over to the bird.  It was sitting there silently, struggling to stay upright on the road.  It looked like it was trying to move but couldn't, one leg was obviously badly injured and one wing was out, using it to balance.  The bird occasionally fell over as it failed to keep its balance, using it's outstretched wing to prop itslef back up again, but couldn't not move off the road. 

The sight of the bird struggling appalled Chris, so he called the hotline for injured animals and birds, while standing on the road protecting the bird..  The voice on the other end of the phone told him to take the bird to a vet in town.  A lady, who had been walking her dogs, offered Chris a box to carry the bird to the vet and he thanked her graciously for it.  Chris picked up the bird, and was amazed that the bird didn't struggle at all as he placed it in the box.  After placing the box on the back seat of his car, Chris drove straight to the vet.  He took the bird into the vet and after handing it over to the nurse, he asked if he could be notified on the outcome of the bird.

Chris returned home, trying to sort out how he felt over the whole situation.  He had not usually thought twice after accidently hitting a bird and killing it before.  However, the fact that he'd returned to find the bird still alive changed how he felt substantially.  Not long after returning home, he received a telephone call from the vet.  The vet had conducted an x-ray and discovered that the bird had suffered a severe back injury which explained why the bird struggled to stand up or even move.  This also affect it's ability to breathe and the vet concluded that the bird would not have survived the night, let alone the next 24 hours.  He thanked Chris for bringing it in, as his actions saved it from suffering a rather horrible and painful death either by another car, another animal or just dying from its injuries.

Chris spent the next hour feeling remorseful, about how he'd caused pain for the poor bird, despite it's foolishness for sitting on the road, but felt relieved that it was now at peace.

Chris' fun didn't end there.  Chris and his wife owned (or served?) three cats in their home.  Rosie, Lucy and Zorro were their names and they all had their little quirks and were all adorable.  Zorro was the only cat to be allowed outside, while the other two were quite content to sit inside all the time, despite Chris' wife never allowing them out.  Chris had noticed Zorro limping when he returned from work the day before.  They had decided to leave it 24 hours to see if it went away, as if it was a result of a small thorn or the like in Zorro's paw.  However, in the last 24 hours, Zorro's right leg had become quite visibly swollen and he refused to put any weight on it.  Chris and Sally decided to take Zorro into the vet the next morning to have his leg checked, in case it was quite serious. 

The next day, Chris took Zorro into the vet to have his leg checked.  The vet took one look and concluded that the physical symptoms were a classic case of a cat bite.  It seems Zorro has already had to defend his territory since his return from Canbber the week before.  Another cat has attacked Zorro (or the other way around) and has bitten Zorro on his leg rather badly and the initial stages of an abscess forming as a result.  After prescribing some antibiotics for Zorro's leg and stating numerously how much of a good looking cat he was, Chris and Zorro returned home.  "It never ends." Chris joked as he returned to work after dropping Zorro off and dreaded the thought of having to do the cleaning that he had to do that night.

Yes I know I write crap stories...
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