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Reunited: Day 5

It's been fairly quiet these last few days.  We've not done anything exciting, maintly due to lack of funds and being really tired.  We've mainly just sat and watched tv of an evening.  I'm going to take Sally out on November 23, there's something on that night (I won't divulge it as she may still read this), so I hope she enjoys it. 

We've briefly talked about trying for a family again, she even tried organising a job share at the ABC Kids Centre in Kelso so that she'd have more time on her hands, but that fell through when the Director said they couldn't take on another EC Teacher due to child numbers dropping.  You have to thank the negative ABC publicity for that.

This weekend is the big 'go and get our stuff from Canberra' weekend.  We've a truck booked and will be driving down on Saturday to pack and return on Sunday.  I'll be glad just to have it all over with.  Cleaners are booked so, hopefully we'll get our full bond back.

I returned to playing Indoor Soccer last night.  I was hanging out for it for 3 months.  The game wasn't too bad, I was a little shorter of breath than usual, but that should come back to me after some regular sport and excercise.  I even scored a goal in our 5-ish to nill win.  My ball control skills are definitely on the improve.  Thanks to casseross for letting me back in the team. :)

I had a phonecall from the ADSL provider yesterday saying the intertron will be ready today or tomorrow.  So when the adsl modem and stuff return on Sunday, I should be all ready to go again.

Well my lunch is ready, signing off for now.

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Can I ask how much housework do you think you do in percentage terms? Just wondering

No idea, but Sal does most of it. It's not because I don't do anything, it's mainly because she goes and does it before I get home from work or think of it. When I am home, I look after what I can, plus a bit of outdoor stuff. I used to a lot less, but I'm learning my place ;)

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