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Back at work for CSU
I'm back at work for CSU now.  It was a little unorganised as my desk had theoretically been assigned to someone else.  However, this person is currently on leave and they had not moved to it yet.  So, in all, I'm back at my old desk :P  But only for a short period of time, as the desk actually belongs to another area of the division.

I've also been put straight onto a new project that starts tomorrow.

Back to the grind!
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You going to try and keep your old desk?

Good to see you got back, how's your house and you family?


No, probably not. I could be here for a little bit, but not sure on how long.

House is fine, despite the carpets being ruined by a little munchkin of ours. Sal is well, glad to have me back I think.

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