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You must respect the blade...
poke eyes out
In 10 years of shaving, I'd never cut myself...

Until today. :/


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You've become a man!
Hehe sorry

Did you put a tiny square of toilet paper on it?

No, I spent the next 15mins walking around the house with a great wad of tissues on my face.

I'm not talking about a tiny nick here, I went and cut myself a good'un. Just up and to the right of my mouth, about 2 cm long slash... :/

I'm guessing you mean emotionally?

Nah I mean literally, your first cut was pretty big :)

yeah, wasn't deep so much, just frigging long... Don't know what I did, or why I brought the razor across my face like that... :/

Pics or it didn't happen. ;) ;)


Hence forth, he shall be known as... 'Slash'...

Re: Hence forth, he shall be known as... 'Slash'...

Ooh, nice one! It kind of looks like it tapers in to a spear-point as it goes towards your mouth. Like an ICEPICK. It kind of looks pretty sweet, actually. :)

I wouldn't honestly be too unhappy with that one, Chris! :D :D


Re: Hence forth, he shall be known as... 'Slash'...

lol thanks mate :)

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