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Career options
Before I started working for CIT, I had been negotiating with my CSU manager about the possibility of a 12 month secondment as a business analyst.  As I've probably mentioned before, I've expressed interest in trying something different to programming.  A secondment as a business analyst is an interesting concept, as it's very similar to an applications developer, only no programming and it could be involved with non IT projects.  Further discussions with Tony (my manager) have resulted in a 'planned' (very loosely applied use of the term) secondment as a level 5 business analyst from the beginning of 2007.

However, two new positions have just been advertised from CSU; a level 6 applications programmer and a level 6 business analyst secondment (short term contract).  I contacted Tony today and he strongly urged me to apply for both.  He has been looking for ways to have me 'promoted' to a level 6 since he arrived at CSU, only to have beauracracy stand in his way.  The issue is, that I've been a level 5, which is technically a 'trainee' programmer for 5 years. I've applied for level 6 positions in the past, only to be beaten out by other people going up the ranks. I have to admit that interviews aren't my strongest point, and it has probably let me down, but it's not for lack of trying. After 5 years, hell, after only 6 months I wasn't really a trainee any longer. No positions have been advertised and filled for a level 5 programmer for 4 years. I am essentially doing the work of and like a level 6, but being paid a level 5.

At CSU, you cannot be casually promoted willy nilly.  The position must exist for you to occupy it.  Seeing there was no vacancies for level 6 positions, then I couldn't have one.  A formal level classification, a process that occurs twice yearly was knocked back - not due to the strength of my case, as many IT reclassifications were rejected, but the rumour is that the Executive Director of IT and HR do not get along.  So, it seems I'm left with this final opportunity. 

There are no longer any more level 5 programmers at CSU.  I am the last one.  So, theoretically, I'm only up against outside interest and in the last 5 positions (over a period of two years) that have been filled within my CSU team have all been internal applicants.  Needless to say, I'll be applying.  This time I have a different motive, however. In the past it's been driven by a pay rise, hell I'm doing the work, I should be paid for it, but this time, it's a broadening of skills, try something different, get OUT of programming. :P

Best scenario outcome would be that I am successful in both applications (as the BA is a secondment only), but I won't get too far of myself yet.

Should be a lazy weekend, next week will be hectic.
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Good luck in getting a lvl 6 position :)

I've always had it in my head to visit you cause you're here in Canberra and all, but I guess it's weird. Ah well, maybe later.


Thanks Chen :)

I have a week left. There's still time :)

Best of luck with both applications, Chris. I hope things work out in your favour. :D


Thanks mate, so do I :) It'd be nice for things to my way for once. :P

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