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The post that I meant to make yesterday...

I normally wouldn't do this, but I felt that this post needed to be posted. So I am! :)

Subject: What did I ever do to deserve such respect?

I came to work this morning fairly cheerful, I open up mIRC, which I had left connected over night (I do stats logging etc). I read through the conversations after I had quit last night, and found someone asking a fortune bot (which replies with a random answer yes or no) "Is bovinator a fgt?".

<pause for narrative comments>
Now the channel this was in was one I created for the people that go to the LAN I help run, so I know all the people that are in there personally. This is why this event struck such a sore note with me.
</pause for narrative comments>

Sometimes I don't know why I bother doing things like BucaLAN when I get the shit back from people like that. I mean, we all put in a LOT of effort to run something like BucaLAN and provide various things for the community and this is how they see me? Meh - I'm not going to take it too seriously as it happens a lot, and the people involved are fairly immature, but it only takes one small comment like this to ruin all the fun of doing all these things for other people...

<pause for narrative comments>
I did have a irc log of something else, but I felt I might leave it out this time around and try and pick up the mood of this post. ;)
</pause for narrative comments>

Anyway, on a happier note, Sally came and had lunch with me today. We were going to go for a walk together, but the weather unfortunately turned a bit dodgy on us. So we just sat and talked while we waited for Sally's Mum to come and get her and take her home. Sally finishes Uni early every day so I can't take her home. I can on some days but that's because it's conveniently at lunch time. I think Sally is planning another trip to Sydney some time soon for some reason. Sally asked when the September SGL is on... Sally likes to coordinate shopping trips with me being at SGL so that I won't be around to complain that we've been at the shops too long. ;P

Say, that reminds me.... I have a question for all of you... What is your definition (or preference really) of shopping? Do you a) go to the shops any time and browse through every shop you come across and maybe buy something you see that you like or b) only go to hte shops when you need something in particular, get it and go home again? I am definitely a b) person. I don't like standing around for hours, even when it's looking at stuff I like, my feet get really sore really fast. They are like my "Outside-timer", as soon as they get sore it's time to go home! :P (maybe I should market it or something).

Useless Statement for today: Battlefield 1942 is AWESOME!

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