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Oh Noes!
My Video card has finally decided to call it a day. It refuses to let me render 3D graphics for more than 5mins anymore. On top of that, my powersupply has also decided to join it and refuse to work properly. So it's desktop commander for me! :(

Fuck, I'm bored.

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hey, thanks for wondering where I was :) that was sweet. I decided to take a break- but I'm still here in Canberra. I'm sorry about Anna and Matt, I wish it didn't end up the way it did. I hope that's not going to get in the way of still being sorta acquaintences :) Well Tony comes to Canberra quite often, usually we just hang together for a weekend or so, but it would be cool to meet up don't you think? I live at ANU in Johns, so it's pretty central, where do you live? I'd ask Matt but the situation doesn't really allow it and he thinks I'm a crazy psycho so he wouldn't tell me anyway.


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