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(no subject)
Australia 3 -1 Japan WOOOOHOOOOO

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LOL I agree. That's all I can say. It's not by much, which is riduculous, but at least we won.

This is very random, and you could possibly be freaked out by me, lol, but we have a bit in common, oddly enough:

I live in Bathurst, I go the Bathurst High and I have a cat named Lucy. Lol. I just found that interesting, I guess. I was looking if there were any people who attend/attended Bathurst High, and you were the most recently updated journal.

Take care!

I'm not freaked out!

It's a small world after all. ;) Good to know there are other Bathurstites out there. :) My journal is mostly private because I had some cruel bastard post some nasty things to one of my posts... That said I haven't updated it in a little while, I might go and do that. :)

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