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Well, change is good, isn't it?

We're moving!

Last week, after a torrid week at the child care centre Sally is a preschool teacher at, Sally went looking for work elsewhere.  After finding one that sounded nice in Woden, ACT (suburb of Canberra), she contacted the director of the centre, where the job was located, asking for details of the centre and the job.  In reply, came photos and some information on the centre.  Sally did her application and portfolio and organised to meet the director at the Centre last weekend to have a look around.
So, we were in Canberra last weekend.  We visited the centre and were shown around and Sally talked at length with the director and the teacher that the position would replace.  After two hours taking it all in, the director said to Sal "Well, we like the vibe we get from you, the job's yours if you want it".  After sleeping on it for 2 nights, Sal has decided to take it.  So, now we have to find a place to live, I'll have to find a new job and organise the move and everything.  Should be fun.
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