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A bit over two weeks ago, I injured my left ankle at indoor soccer, long story short, I kicked the ground kicking the ball.  It was sore for a bit after that, but felt fine by the following tuesday for the next indoor game.  In hindsight, like everything, I shouldn't have played, because it played up again after that game.  Friday last week I saw my doctor and he diagnosed it as a compression injury in the ligament and cartilage of my ankle.  He gave me some anti-inflammatries and some excercises to do to try and bring it back to health again.  Progress was being made until 15mins ago, when I felt something snap when I rolled my ankle laterally while sitting at my desk.  It instantly swelled up and after a quick call to the doctor, I may have popped the lateral ligament on the ankle (I think - Syd Burke talks extremely fast).  I'm slotted in for an ultrasound and xray on Monday, but it's safe to say I'm off Indoor soccer for a while :S

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