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poke eyes out

A bit over two weeks ago, I injured my left ankle at indoor soccer, long story short, I kicked the ground kicking the ball.  It was sore for a bit after that, but felt fine by the following tuesday for the next indoor game.  In hindsight, like everything, I shouldn't have played, because it played up again after that game.  Friday last week I saw my doctor and he diagnosed it as a compression injury in the ligament and cartilage of my ankle.  He gave me some anti-inflammatries and some excercises to do to try and bring it back to health again.  Progress was being made until 15mins ago, when I felt something snap when I rolled my ankle laterally while sitting at my desk.  It instantly swelled up and after a quick call to the doctor, I may have popped the lateral ligament on the ankle (I think - Syd Burke talks extremely fast).  I'm slotted in for an ultrasound and xray on Monday, but it's safe to say I'm off Indoor soccer for a while :S


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When you get your ultrasound just check to see if the dr is a specialist in musculoskeletal ultrasound. We have two levels of drs in our branch, ones that can just get by on the simple stuff, and ones that are experts in msk ultrasound. I do not know about the drs in Bathurst but it may be the same.

The lateral tendons of the ankle are called the peroneals (peroneal brevis and longus) I think.


Thanks :) I'll try and remember that :)

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