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The weekend part 2

Well, again, as all good weekends should be, today was spent relaxing. However we did get some house work done...

Moved the location of our clothes dryer and cleaned up where Rosie's litter tray and water dish was. Actually gave Scoie a clean bathroom to use! :)

The weather here lately has been absolutely gorgeous, nice and sunny and warm. You wouldn't have thought it was still winter here. It is starting to be more and more like spring! I must say spring is a better season, as most people would think. I don't mind anytime of the year, growing up in Bathurst kind of acclimatises you for the cold so yo don't feel it too much, but it is still a pretty miserable season. Summer is good too. ;)

Anyway, enough rambling... Scoie and I tried out the new Battlefields 1942 Multiplayer demo. It was a lot of fun, but got kind of repetative after a while with just the two of us, so we're looking forward to the next Bucalan, where we can have a server with 60 people in it!!

I restarted up the Bucalan IRC channel too, so if any of you that read my journal are IRC junkies, then head on over to and #bucalan! :) If I'm at work, or on the net at home, I'll be there! :)

Well, it's time for bed people... :)

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