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I had thought of something to write this morning, but I can't remember now.  I'm not sure why, but work does that to me.

We've decided to sell my Magna.  It's a hard decision to make, as I really love this car.  It doesn't have any major problems with it, it runs like a dream, and of the cars I've had in the past, it has been my favourite car.  So, to get it ready to sell, I'm putting the original stereo back in, which is quite difficult for someone with no auto electrical experience.  I've pulled out the stupid Sony CD player I put in (worst purchase I've ever made), and I need to get some connectors as the plug for the original stereo is different to the Sony.  Once that's done, I need to have it serviced fully and a couple of small niggly things looked at and she'll be right to go.
It'll be sad to see it go, as I really like it, but realistically, we can't afford two cars, and it's definitely the more expensive to run (we have a 2005 Mazda 2 as well).  I hope to get my motorcycle licence early next year, which will be fun. :)
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Motorcycle will be more fun than the car. :D

What with LAMs and all, you can get a pretty solid mid-size bike you can keep for the foreseeable future, and when you've got nothing better to do there are some beautiful roads and trails for pleasure riding in your area (or so I gather from my motorcycle magazines, which rave about them from time to time).

Good luck with the stereo.

That's something I am looking forward too. :)

The stereo is a pain in the butt... the wiring is the easy bit, it's putting the console back together which is the really hard thing. They definitely discourage you putting a different stereo in :P

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