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What the?!
Cityrail/Countrylink have installed a ticket machine at Bathurst Railway Station which takes place of one staff member a week.  However, the ticket machine (common on Cityrail stations in Sydney) only accepts 10 coins or less.  Options for tickets on the machine are Lithgow, Blue Mountains stations, Sydney Central, and even Gosford and Newcastle.  However, the full price fairs for these latter places are over $20 ($27 for Newcastle).  No, the machine does not accept notes, so please tell me how you can pay for a ticket over $20 with 10 or less coins?

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typical of west of katoomba station stupidity christopher!

... more over, I want to know the effeciency of this new "worker" on a rail system that does not extend to bathurst.

Bathurst has been part of the Cityrail network since just before the 2000 Olympics.

yeah? in theory... i don't seem to notice any city rail trains frequenting our lovely town. and the bus 'link' is the biggest load of bs ever... as for city rail itself, i love it. i think its great, i dont know why everyone in sydney winges.. i would rather commute on rail than ever drive...

that said, itll probably happen in 3-4 years.

Are you serious that it doesn't take notes? Don't all machines take notes?


Hehe can't stop thinking that you got a reject :P

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