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I went raiding with Omen for the first time since I got back from Holidays last night.  We went to Onyxia and dropped her, which was Onyxia Kill number 3 for us, and my first.  I really am bored with raiding with a priest, I need something different.  My priest just stands there and I press 1 key the whole time.  I applied to my guild leader to transfer over to my Fury Warrior, but seeing we have just lost a priest, he preferred that I stay with the priest. *sigh*  To make it a little worse, TWO Halo of Trancendence's dropped off Onyxia, but seeing I've been working on my Warrior I don't have has much DKP as some of the other priests, and so I was quickly outbid for them.  Oh well.  I'm only going to raid twice a week, and I might drop my warrior out of Omen again and go find something else to do.  I might make him my pvp character and go after the honour sets. :)

I've started writing an assistant manager program for the online game Battrick.  You might have heard me talk about an online game called Hattrick, well Battrick is just like it, but for Cricket.  The decision to cut back on WoW enables me to write this program, which griggle (A friend) has been egging me on about for a month or so now.  I think I need to write this, if not for my own sanity, but something so that I can say, hey, I wrote that.

Christmas is coming up on us quickly, my family has opted to do the rotation this year, meaning all us kids are going to spend Christmas Day with our partners families.  However, Sal's family is having their do on Christmas Eve, so we've invited my parents and my brother Matt over to our place, along with Sal's parents and Steph on Christmas Day.  On top, Sally and I are celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary this year on the 23rd December, so we've organised a little get together that night, so it will be a very busy weekend!

Work has been ok the last little while.  While it's not been terribly exciting, it's not been too bad either.  My manager has singled me out with few others for position reclassification, seeing I'm the sole remaining Level 5 position.  If successful, it'll be a nice pay rise. :)  There are some interesting projects on the horizon so it'll be fun to get involved in them, we'll have to see how it pans out.

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