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(no subject)

When I was heading home from holidays, I couldn't wait to load up WoW and say hi to my friends who also play...

When I got home, my friend Geoff told me the news that had happened during the week...  Now I don't want to play WoW anymore... 

What was the news? To keep a long story short, the Guild I was in was run by a husband and wife, yes they both played.  They are now getting divorced.  WoW wasn't the sole cause of the breakup, but was a large part of it.

I just don't have the desire to play anymore.  It's quite interesting to know that, and to see the smile and satisfaction on my own wifes face when I tell her is quite... I don't know to tell you the truth.

Now, I must get back to Grand Turi... no. Work.


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