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This weekend - part 1
Well a fairly unexciting weekend so far, although for the first time in about 9 months I washed my car. And even then I took it through the car wash. Sif I'd actually wash it by hand! Sally was pleased that I actually did some house work for a change, did some clothes washing and vacuuming etc. Scoie and I went and picked up the some more stuff of his so his move is about 75% complete at this stage. All that's left is his computer desk and the rest of his uni stuff and 'Olivia'. We won't probably get that stuff until our house is networked properly.

Which reminds me... I've been told that you need a license to install networking and stuff like that, which means more money out of my pocket. :|

Warcraft r0x0rs :P

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Sif going through the car wash counts :P

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