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Sif a brain fart would fix anything
How can anyone work to a deadline on a Friday... This is just annoying. I set up a blog for BSoD, so things are starting to get underway finally... Scoie is off doing some research now, so we might have something to go with very soon. :)

Sally and I are arguing a little at the moment and it's pissing me off. She can't get out of her head that certain TV shows are more important than spending time together, that I have to "work around" her TV watching time. I want to work something out with her, but she seems to just blatantly ignore my pleas to get her to ease off her nightly ritual of sitting in front of, IMHO, the most boring and annoying shows currently on TV. Oh well, I will just have to keep at it, and see if we can compromise with something.

Gah... I'm going to get a coke. o_O

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And what about your nightly ritual of sitting in front of your version of the t.v (computer)

/me slams Andrew into the wall

Don't go commenting before knowing all the facts...

It's only because she's watching tv... If she wasn't watching tv, I'd be with her...

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