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Yes, I am alive! :)

I thought it was about time I made another contribution to the ‘blog’.  I hope this finds all of you devoted readers of this journal well and happy.  I’m going to split this update into a few sections so that’s not all just one block of boring text (however boring it might already be :P).

Me, Myself, I.

What have I been up to?

*Ponders thoughtfully for a moment*

I really have no idea.  Well, these last few weeks, I’ve been ‘batching it up’, so to speak, living at home while Sally is away in Canberra.  While in one aspect, I have had a lot of fun living on my own, as I never have really lived alone before.  However in another, and surprisingly more dominant aspect, it’s been a very lonely time.  Yes, I’ve had three monsters to keep me company, but they do not add up to the satisfaction of human contact.  That would have to explain the urges I felt to invite people over the last couple of weeks.

During my time alone, I’ve also come to appreciate just how much I’m *not* doing when Sally is usually here and how much Sally actually does around the house.  This makes me sound pretty bad, and I am glad to have arrived at this realisation as it means I can improve as a person and a husband and help out a lot more.  Getting out of bed of a morning, and doing breakfast for 4 (myself and three monsters), cleaning litter trays (for the monsters, not me ;P) and then getting ready for work means that I am struggling to get to work on time.  The funny thing is that I haven’t adjusted  my alarm to cater for the extra tasks, something I’ll have to do in the next time Sally will be away.

Web programming

I’m also returning to the hobby programming.  I’ve been asked to do a couple of websites, two of note; one for my Dad’s surveying business, and the other for the Bathurst Indoor Soccer Association (my God the original is ugly!).  Another project I’m starting is an online assistant manager program for the online Cricket game, Battrick.  This should be a lot of fun, I’m using a MVC (Model View Controller) methodology, which should be fun to get in and learn something new again.


I’m halfway through fixing the watering system in our garden at the moment.  We had some gardening contractors come in a little while ago to tidy up our gardens as we just a) too busy and b) too lazy.  However, we later discovered that in doing so they ripped up a watering system that I laid, and damaged the pipe in the process.  Sally’s father and I attempted to fix it last weekend, but discovered that they had put holes in the other watering system that was originally laid by the landscaping we had done a couple of years ago.  So I have the job of relaying the system they pulled up, which I’ll do a much better job this time, and finding and patching the holes in the other system.


Work at CSU has been ok, nothing to write home about, but not terribly bad either.  I was glad to find out last month that I had rejoined the project team from the maintenance team, as the project team provides more stimulating work.  We have a new Technical team leader (manager) and he’s doing a lot of good things.  Part of which are trips to the other campuses.  Next week, I’m flying to Albury for the first of these meetings, which I always look forward to.

Weight loss

I’ve hit a little plateau in my weight loss lately, with it slowing down a little.  The last weigh in I was at 135.1 kgs.  However, I’ve lost a total of about 5-6 cm off my waist which is encouraging.  Part of the reason for the slowing down is that living on my own I need to use my lunch break to do things like shopping etc, so I’m not able to do my walking and I don’t like swimming on my own.  Hopefully when Sally is back for two weeks, we can go do some walking and swimming so I can kick start it again.


And yes, I’m still playing World of Warcaft. *hides*

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