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Canberra and Back... Twice.

But I won't be doing it half as much as Sally.

Sally is doing her final internship for her Bachelor's Degree of Education - Early Childhood.  It consists of two 5 week blocks of teaching; the first with an early childhood age bracket, the second at a infants/primary school, with a two week break in the middle.  Last week was Sally's first week of the first block, and she is with a class at the Early Childhood Learning Centre attached to Canberra Girls Grammar School (I'm pretty sure that's the one).  Sally's second block will be at the primary school part of the Grammar School. 

We drove down on the Sunday before last, and I spent the week with Sally in Canberra, just being a mental support for Sally in her first week.  It can be pretty daunting to go somewhere new and go straight into a routine.  Sally coped pretty well (She done well! ;)) and was driving herself to the City and the school from Belconnin by the Wednesday/Thursday respectively - the driving was what she feared the most).  We returned home on the Thursday night, and then we travelled back to Canberra on Sunday before I returned home last night as I was required to return to work today. :(

Sally's first week was just observing the class, but today she started teaching.  I'll let her explain how it all went. :)

To Chen,

Sorry I missed you while I was down there.  I will be in Canberra again (I think) for the first week of Sally's second block in October.  Not sure if I am going to Canberra while Sally is there for the first block, because Sally is rather keen to return home to see her 'Darlings'.
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