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(no subject)
What would you classify as a good nights sleep?  I am really annoyed at the moment, I get 8 hours of sleep usually (midnight to 8am) and I am struggling to keep my eyes open here at my desk at work.  I went home early on Monday, I was fine sitting on the couch watching TV, but then when I sit at a computer (at home or at work) I feel sleepy and my eyes just don't want to stay open.  It's really starting to aggrivate me.

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Are you getting enough iron in your diet? Med Anna would ask you that.


No idea... I'm not really clued up on nutritional intake... :S

Meats and green veges, thats the ticket for iron...

Im not really good at offering sleep advice, Chen would tell you that i fall asleep where and when i like ;)


Have you like gotten into a rhythm of feeling tired or even falling asleep at your computer? Cause I'm thinking if it's just at your computer that you feel tired maybe you're subconsciously thinking about sleep.

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