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Stolen from sindaalphiel

 A - AGE: Turned 26 this year, gah that's scary.

B - BAND LISTENED TO MOST RECENTLY: The last music I listened to was last night while playing World of Warcraft, and it would have to be the Theme to the Star Trek: Enterprise series :)

C - CRUSH: If I answered anything other than none or Sally, then I would probably end up on the couch or worse for the rest of my life.  I don't know if you can technically have a crush on your wife, so I'll just none. :)

D - DOG's NAME: We don't own a dog, we have 3 cats; Rosie, Zorro and Lucy.  My parents have a dog that we got when I was still in High School, she's old and grey now.  She's a Border Collie and her name is - yep, you guessed it - Jessie.

E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO:  The most easiest person I've talked to is my wife, Sally, but I can talk to most of my colleagues here at work pretty easily.

F - FAVORITE BAND:  I'm more into Dance and electronica, but if I had to pick a band, I'd have to say The Ramsus or Evenescense (spelling?)


H - HOMETOWN:  Was born in Penrith NSW, but I've lived 73% of my life in Bathurst (boring aren't I).

I - INSTRUMENT:  Let me see, over the years, I've played (for at least a couple of months) Flute, Piano, Tenor Saxophone, Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Recorder (when I was in Primary school).

J - JUICE: Organic apple juice for the win!

K - KIDS: No kids yet, but not from lack of trying...  One day we will be blessed :)

L - LONGEST CAR RIDE:  When I was 7, we did an all nighter from Bathurst to Adelaide.  1400-odd kilometers in one night!

M - MUM'S NAME:  Sally

N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS:  3 Brothers; Andrew (24), Stephen (22) and Matt (20)

O - ONE WISH:  To be truly happy in life (Happy in job, Happy in Marriage, Loving family etc)

P - PHOBIA(S): I'm not scared of spiders, but if one was on me, I'd freak out.  Comes from getting out of the shower one day a couple of years ago, to find a white tail on my arm...

Q - QUOTE:  I can't think of one...

R - REASON TO SMILE:  Everytime I look at my wife, I can't help but smile, even if it is sometimes on the inside.

S - SEXIEST FEATURE:  lol Me? Sexy? pfft, I'm not sexy... at least no one says I am :(

T - TIME YOU WAKE UP: Not early enough.  Especially if I want to be a teacher.  I try for 7ish, but generally it's around 8.

U - UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME:  It's hard to think of something that everyone on my friends list would not know (as that list includes my wife, my brother and my brother in law).  I guess one thing is, when I was in year 2, a kid in my class said to me he didn't want the last half of his lunch and asked if I wanted it (at least I'm sure he did).  Me being the lover of food from a very early age, said yes, and ate it.  Then the rotten kid then went to the teacher on duty and said I stole his lunch.  I tried to plead my innocence as much as a 7 year old can, but to no avail, I had to bring the kid the money for the lunch the next day to pay it back.  Needless to say I never had anyone elses lunch again even if they did offer it to me.

V - VEGETABLE YOU HATE:  Not sure, all the vegetables I've been given, I've had no trouble eating...

W - WORST HABIT(S):  I'm sure Sally could tell you a dozen, but I'm not going to say anything here... too embaressing

X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD:  Never been to hospital for more than stitches, but I've had x rays on my wrist and ankle (when I've sprained them) and my teeth for the dentist.

Y - YUCKY FOOD: Anything with too much Soy Sauce...


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i dont believe you dont like soy sauce.
its on stir fry chris.

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