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(no subject)
New icon!

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aww kitty. But she looks kind of scared/ready to scratch you in that picture lol.

How do you buy icons?

I miss my icons :(

She's not scared, she's actually got hold of the strap to the camera. She was attacking it...

The only way I think to get more icons is to get a paid account, you get 15 (I think) icons then, if you get a permanent account, then you get 100 icons.

lol that explains the "I'm going to get you" look on her face lol.

Yeah, my paid account just expired...when I get paid again, I'll buy like, another month or something lol.

Where'd you get your icon from?

I made it! Here...


Then you can save it and use it for one of your 100 icons lol.

Whoa she's ferocious looking ;)! So you guys got 4 kittys now?

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