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Fitness progression
After 3 weeks, I'm down to 141.6 kgs, which from the day I started (145.8), I've lost 4.2 kgs. Yay me.  I've started going swimming with Sally at one of the gyms here in town 3 days a week, and will do weights one day a week with my brother Stephen.  A good start I'd say :)
Sal set up a pattern for swimming, 2x10 laps swimming (of the 25m pool), then 2x10 laps walking alternated (swim, walk, swim, walk).  When we get the time taken to do this down to say 35-30 mins, we'll increase the laps.

I found this:

On the downside I think I need my ears syrynged... :(

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sounds like you're off to a good start with the exercise :)

i sympathise with the ear thing, it's really annoying though it's a good excuse to purposely mishear what people say ;)

It seems to have cleared up a bit... I'll see how it is tomorrow.

I just hope I can keep it all up :)

Yay Chris :) You got us girls at Johns cheering you on, can't go wrong!


Wow, my own cheer squad ;)

So what is that in pounds?

Ohh oohh how many kgs am I? I'm 119.

I'm so lame, I know.


You're not lame :)

1 kilogram = 2.20462262 pounds

141.6 kgs = 312.17 pounds (2 d.p.)
100 kgs = 220.46 pounds

119 pounds = 53.98 kgs

hehe thanks :)

Wow....do you know all this by heart??

Hehe, I'm a geek/nerd, but not that much :P

Google is your friend ;)

hahahaah johns cheer squad. Seriously. These girls signed up for a 100 buck gym membership and went 2 times, there reasoning was because it was too far away to walk.

But all the same,
Well done chris.

But that said, WS Churchill lived to 90 on cognac and cigars in heavy daily doses.

I love google. It's helped me so much. haha.

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