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More DVDs
I bought some more DVDs on the weekend on our day trip to Canberra.  I found the first 2 seasons of ALIAS on special at Sanity music so I snapped those up.  I also bought the StarWars: Clone Wars DVD - this is the cartoon series that links the movies Episode 2 and 3 together.  I also found Star Trek: Insurrection and Baseketball - man, that movie still brings me to tears (of laughter).  I might go see if I can find the other Star Trek movies, I have "The Voyage Home" and "Nemesis" on video, but they are both very poor copies (ex rentals), so I might get the DVDs of them anyway.

Oh, I can also say I have now watched every single episode of Star Trek Voyager.  Without a doubt the best series IMO.  I was left a little disappointed with "Endgame" (the last episode) but oh well, what can you do.  Onto getting some more Enterprise and probably Deep Space 9 I think :)

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I need to go DVD shopping...

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