[Infinite Loop] Pimping the Tech

I thought I'd pimp my tech blog, which I've just moved to I must say, WP is much cleaner and nicer to blog with. I
was running my own WP blog on my own server, but updates were coming
out way too fast for me to spend time constantly updating, so I saved
myself the trouble and moved it.

It's for all my technical epiphanies whilst programming and doing other
technically nerdy things. If you're that way inclined, feel free to log
on over and take a look.

[Infinite Loop] Absense makes the heart grow fonder?

I've been wanting to write blog entries for about four weeks now but
everytime I sit down to type something up, I can't muster up more than
a couple of sentences. It doesn't quite feel adequate to post something
so... unworthy of a blog post, so I just end up deleting it and trying
to think of something else. That and I'm so busy at the moment.

So, I guess this post is just a status update, of sorts, to tell you
that I am still alive and wish to keep blogging but I have nothing of
worth to post at this time. Stay tuned.

Hello again

Well, it's been a while!

I know, I've been slack. You can blame Facebook and Twitter, I guess. The former of which I have discontinued using - don't ask. I'll *try* and blog a bit more from now on, we'll see how we go.

Work has been a good steady... thing... for the last few months. The project I'm on is in the 2nd half of it's development, so soon we'll be moving onto something else.

The girls are growing up fast, Caitlin is a walking, talking machine and Laura is now crawling.

Christmas is just around the corner and should be fun this year. I'm hoping for Band Hero, but I'm not holding my breathe, it's a bit on the expensive side. Oh well, I'll have fun with Caitlin and Laura opening their presents. :)

My girls.

It's been a while since I've posted about my girls, so I thought I'd update you all on how they're going.

Caitlin is growing up very fast, now 19 months old. Almost a full mouth of teeth, which can be a scary sight if you wake up to them in your face! She's learned quite a few words and can respond to questions. For instance, we can ask her what a cow says, and her response will be 'Moooooooo!' She's walking quite well now, although still a little unsteady but we suspect she's inherited her mother's uncoordinated nature (that and her feet are quite small).

Caitlin has also slept in a 'big girls bed' a couple of times, although we're not ready to have her sleep in it all the time. She's usually pretty good sleeping, so she didn't have any trouble going to sleep and staying there. However, in the morning, we have no idea how long she was up and was in our room yelling at us to get up around 6 in the morning. So until we're confident about her roaming the house by herself, she's staying in her cot.

Laura is also growing fast, and big to boot. She's gone off the charts for her weight and height, which is not always a bad thing. Like Caitlin, she's a very happy child (which is great for us) and she's very responsive to her surroundings. She loves watching TV with Mummy and Daddy after her bottle and watches intently! She's able to roll over already (at 5 months) and tries to bring her knees up under her as if to start crawling, but that might be a bit down the track.

Here's a few photos of the girls.


The Golden Gate Bridge, San Fran Day 8

My last day in San Francisco, Saturday, I got up early to meet some other AUC guys for a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.  The ride across is a popular tourist thing in San Francisco, with quite a few bike shops advertise the ride.  We left the Hotel around 8 and headed for Fisherman's Wharf.  Once we finally got to the bike shop, we signed our lives away for the bikes and kitted up.

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Photos from my trip can be found here.


WWDC; San Fran days 4, 5, 6, and 7

 Tuesday was the first full day of WWDC sessions, which I aimed for some iPhone beginner sessions.  I rocked up at 9am for the start, skipping breakfast due to the high sugar content and found the beginner session full.  Something that became quickly apparent was there were a lot of beginner iPhone developers, so I needed to get to sessions earlier.  Instead I went to a session on user interface design best practises.  Other sessions I attended were on the Xcode development tools and the APIs for developing iPhone applications.  

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The Keynote. San Fran Day 3

Today started at 5am for us.  We wanted to get good seats for the Keynote address which starts the conference.  So we got up at 5 and made our way down to the Moscone West Center at 6am and found that there were 460 odd people ahead of us.  On of James' mates lined up at midnight and was 8th in the queue.  What was really funny was that only a couple of metres behind him, a few more AUC people had lined up 5 hours later.

The doors were opened at 7.30am and we moved inside where they had set up tables every 20 metres with bagels, donuts, muffins and other cakes for breakfast.  Considering I'm trying to lose weight, I cringed at the sight.  

At 9.45am, they let us into the auditorium for the keynote.  The keynote itself was pretty cool, each new feature that was announced was met by loud applause - some with cheers of celebration.  It really was something else.  Some of the new things announced were new lines of Mac Book Pro notebooks which were faster and cheaper, the next OS X operating system, the next iPhone operating system and a new model of iPhone.

After the keynote finished, they served lunch and we took it back to the hotel room as there was no room to eat it there.  Returned to the conference at 2pm for the next session which was a kick off session leading into some 'state of the nation' sessions for the Apple operating system and development tools.

The final session I attended was an introduction into Objective C, which is the language used to write Apple OSX applications and iPhone applications.

Not much happened tonight due to the fact that we were up so early and we're all crashing one by one by 10pm.  I've lasted till 11pm, but I too, will crash once I've written thi....................